Mustang Systems Sign, Graphic & Display Hardware
Exclusively Stocked & Distributed in USA by Intex

Mustang Systems Graphic, Sign & Display Hardware Exclusively Stocked & Distributed in USA by Intex

Illuminated Real Estate Listing Window Displays

Night View

Daytime View

Do you want to capture the attention of your buyers day and night? Mustang Systems offers an innovative illuminated real estate listing display for your storefront windows. Place your listings in our LED illuminated frames that suspend in your window with our discreet cable system.

The illuminated real estate window display attracts more attention to your listings from potential customers passing by. Your listings will look professional in daylight and absolutely stunning at night.

Loading and exchanging listings is easy. Simply slide your images into the image holder through the openings located at the top of each frame. Images are secured with a built-in magnet feature within the frame. No disassembly of the illuminated frame is required.

Each frame holder will display two images: one viewed from the window side and the other from the interior side. Mustang's illuminated real estate window display results in a dynamic and aesthetically pleasing office space both inside and out.

Mustang's real estate listing display is illuminated by low-voltage LED lights incorporated into the edge of each frame. Low-voltage current flows through our 1/16" - 1.5mm cables that suspend the frames in the window. Our 12-volt system is safe to touch and does not generate heat. The LED light illuminates the frame evenly and without glare. Furthermore, LED lighting costs significantly less to operate than florescent bulb solutions.

Two formats of illuminated listing holders are available: Portrait orientation and Landscape orientation; displaying either standard 8.5" x 11" pages or 11" x 17" pages. The Mustang real estate listing display system allows up to four illuminated listing holders per set of cables. Holders can be repositioned at any height along the suspension cables. This provides for optimal versatility in positioning your illuminated real estate listing display within your office window.

Installation of the Mustang illuminated real estate window display system is straight forward and simple. Suspension cables can be mounted: frame-to-frame, ceiling-to-floor, wall-to-wall, or with a ballast kit.

We will help you design the perfect real estate window display for your company. Contact us and get started now!

Mustang Illuminated Image Holders Catalog

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